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Posted: Friday Jun 22, 06:11 PDT Updated: Friday Jun 22, 06:17 PDT

Hyacinth Macaws baby for sale

Price: $2600

10 months old baby Hyacinth Macaws for sale.This bird has been well taken care of. She has full beautiful feathers, her beak and feathers are nicely groomed and her nails are trimmed. Her wings are clipped to make her more tame. She is well manored and non stressed. She is not a feather picker. She was raised from birth away from her mother so she does not know how to fly. She is 10 months old and a fertile egg laying female. The price includes cage, left over food, and all toys. The reason she is for sale is because my current living situation does not allow for her. I feel she will be better taken care of with someone who can give her more attention. I would perfer to sell her to a breeder or bird lover, who has more than one parrot, Not a bird broker. This is a large bird and requires some space. her cage deminsions are 3' X 3'1/2' X 2' and it sits on a wheeled platfrom about 1 foot high. its easy to clean and good for a bird of her size. She loves it.

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